Blue Angels Just Came Out With A Game For Your Phone–And It’s Free

Blue Angels Just Came Out With A Game For Your Phone–And It’s Free | World War Wings Videos

Marketing At It’s Finest.

Nowadays, most people have a smartphone. From an 8 year old kid to an 85 year young grandmother, we all have an endless array of information siting right inside our pockets. They are also however, pretty powerful computing machines.

What this means for aviation fanatics is that we can play a wide variety of games on these phones. In this particular case, we can step into the cockpit as a Blue Angel and practice to perform the perfect show. That’s pretty amazing if you ask us.

The game was designed to work on both Android and Apple devices so that no one gets excluded. Whatever phone you have, you can jump onto the marketplace and download the game right now. Best thing about it is…that it’s free. Don’t let that fool you though. When you watch the video below you’ll see that the graphics are really smooth and the gameplay is pretty incredible too. Especially if you take into account that you’re playing on a phone.

You pilot the F/A-18 Hornet by tilting your phone, so as an added bonus you’ll tone up those arms!

The reason this app is free is because it serves a really tremendous marketing purpose. For one, you’re entertained because the game is awesome, but also young people will be exposed to the Blue Angels if they’ve otherwise been not.

When you open the game, you have two options. One is the game itself, so go to town and have fun. The second feature is really useful. The second tab gives you all the information about the Blues. From who is flying to what planes they use, this little button on your phone gives you all the current information you need to know. Also, and this is the kicker, they give you their schedule which updates by itself. With a click of a button you can check where they’re flying and more importantly, when they’ll be in a town near you.

Hope everyone enjoys this as much as we did.

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