Boeing’s New 777X Has Some Nifty Tech Not Seen Anywhere Else

Boeing’s New 777X Has Some Nifty Tech Not Seen Anywhere Else | World War Wings Videos

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If It Ain’t Boeing, I’m Not Going.

Since Wolrd War II, Boeing has been the pinnacle of aviation technology, no disrespect to Lockheed and other companies of course. From their famous B-17 Flyingfortress to the F/A-18 Super Hornet, they’ve been innovating in both civilian and military applications.

Such is the case with their new Boeing 777X.

Coming from the 777 lineage, of course, the new X has two other variants namely, the 777-8 and 888-9, which are already in production. Although their layouts are similar to the 777 variants and 787, they incorporated a new technology not seen on other commercial planes. Folding wingtips.

Boeing’s 777X is going to be the largest and most efficient twin-engine commercial jet in the world once delivered.

As you’ll see in the video below, Boeing has been working hard on this concept for years with the simple goal of making the aircraft more efficient. Making the cabin wider to accommodate more seating, they also extended the wing length by 36 feet (using light, composite materials). Combined with more efficient engines, this will allow for a 12 percent reduction in fuel consumption.

This did pose a problem, however.

Most airports allow aircraft with a wingspan of up to 213 feet to pull up to their gates, the new 777Xs being 23 feet wider. This is where this nifty new technology comes in, more specifically, folding wingtips. Watch the short video below and one of their engineers will tell you all about how it works.

The maiden flight is scheduled for February 2019 and first deliveries to start sometime in 2020.

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