Cockpit View Of Pilot Flying 3 Feet Off The Ground Towards Crowd

Cockpit View Of Pilot Flying 3 Feet Off The Ground Towards Crowd | World War Wings Videos

This Pilot Takes The Entire Cake.

Say what you want about old and bold pilots, this guy shattered every record for lowest flyby. What’s more, this is the only video we found of a flyby from INSIDE of the cockpit. Seriously, we’ve never seen anything like it.

You’ll get to take a 15 second flight from the pilot’s perspective while he flies toward his buddies. We say that, because this seemed to be planned. As soon as he flew over the tree line however, he dipped the plane for a low flyby. We never expected it was going to be THAT low though.

The plane of choice for this pilot was an FMA IA 63 Pampa, a trainer from Argentina.

He got down what seems like inches from the ground. It all happens really fast, but once down low, you can make out a wall of people standing waiting for plane. What happened next was actually pretty funny.

We assume this was more of a “a bet you’ll flinch” type of deal, or at least we hope so. A bunch of guys were standing there all macho, but the pilot got so low he parted them line like the red sea.

Seriously, check out this video and see it for yourself.

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