Declassified Details Revealed For The First 6th-Generation Fighter

Declassified Details Revealed For The First 6th-Generation Fighter | World War Wings Videos


The Next Generation.

It seems as if science barely perfected Fifth-Generation fighter planes and is already moving on to the next one. The United States Air Force has mentioned a Sixth-Generation aircraft but is still being tight-lipped about any research. However, Russia came forward recently to talk details of the Sixth-Generation aircraft they are currently developing for their Air Force.

Russia’s Miyokan MiG-41 fighter has been spoken of behind the shadows for some time but now the first details are coming out. The first feature of the advanced fighter will be its speed which is said to go beyond Mach 4. Flying at such high speeds leave little room for a pilot to make decisions so an advanced artificial intelligence will be integrated to assist the pilot.

“The PAK DP is a logical development of our MiG-31 aircraft. Once contacted by the Defense Ministry, we will take up this project closely and I think that its deliveries will begin in the mid-2020s.”

– Ilya Tarasenko (MiG Director General)

This news comes out just as Russia puts the finishing touches on their PAK FA fighter jet and they already have the next one in the works. Further details about the MiG-41 are provided in the following clip.

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