Big Old WW2 WAR AIRPLANE ENGINES Cold Start | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Car Test Channel

Old is Gold

This footage features old World War II airplane engines’ cold start and sound. Got to say, the sounds of these amazing warbirds definitely sent chills down our spine. And there’s nothing quite like the Rolls Royce Merlin firing up, and pulling full power before taking off. It’s amazing to see it on a Spitfire, Hurricane, Mustang, but most of all the Lancaster. As you can see, many of these planes are powered by the Merlin engines and they all have that same exotic sound. 

It’s also a joy seeing these marvelous machines restored to their old glory, and preserved for future generations to come. These planes are pure history! Hats off to the men who flew them in combat, as well as the ground crews who kept them operational. 

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