Ever Take Photos Of Planes And The Props Look Weird, Well, Here’s The Fix

Ever Take Photos Of Planes And The Props Look Weird, Well, Here’s The Fix | World War Wings Videos

David Maiolo / YouTube

Your Pics Will Look Much Better.

All of you who frequent our Facebook page and World War Wings website are fans of vintage warbirds if not fascinated with aviation as a whole, so we figured that throughout the years you’ve going to airshows, you’ve seen this phenomenon. Bent propeller blades on planes when you take pictures of them such as the picture above.

“The camera’s CMOS sensor scans not one frame at a time, but one row at a time. By the time it finishes reading the first row, the blade has already moved a bit, so the next row is actually from a later time. Each frame then represents a range of time from top to bottom, not a single instant. At slower shutter speeds, the blade is blurred across the frame, so the effect is not noticeable.” Kenneth Lu | YouTube

For those of you who are semi-professional or professional photographers this is a no-brainer, but since DSLR cameras are cheaper these days, many others have them but just haven’t figured them out yet. That’s understandable as everything has a learning curve.

So, for those of you who are taking pictures of their favorite warbirds and your propellers are coming out all bendy, well, simply adjust your shutter speed. The video below will cycle through all of them so you can see which ones look best. He goes from 1/30 seconds to 1/4000 seconds.

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