Explosive Battle: RC P-51 vs Me 262

Explosive Battle: RC P-51 vs Me 262 | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / FliteTest

What a Spectacle!

Is there anything better than watching an explosive battle between a P-51 and Me 262? Honestly, it looks pretty amazing how close these planes looked to their real life counterparts!

YouTube / FliteTest

Definitely a great build, the team behind it should be happy with how these planes turned out!

It was an amazing RC plane battle. The planes shot at each other, with both pilots trying their hardest to be the one to deliver the final blow.

YouTube / FliteTest

Finally, the Mustang was able to score a direct hit on the 262, making its “engine” explode and causing it to crash into a nearby tree.

YouTube / FliteTest

Overall, the concept and execution was awesome to watch! Also, for those of you wondering, the actual flying footage starts at 15:00.

What do you think of this dogfight? Let us know in the comments!

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