F-16 Flybys So Fast And Low – The Crowd Goes Wild

F-16 Flybys So Fast And Low – The Crowd Goes Wild | World War Wings Videos


Flying Through The Storm.

The week-long AirVenture Airshow is coming to a close but attendees are still enjoying themselves while it lasts. We have seen all kinds of planes at the show doing stunts in the air and displays on the ground for a closer look. An F-16 swung by the airshow to display the moves that have kept it in the skies for almost 40 years. Along with spectacular acrobatics, this F-16 was at AirVenture along with several military aircraft to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Desert Storm.

“The planning, coordination and execution of what amounted to more than 100,000 sorties in a 43-day period during Desert Storm was a historical achievement in military aviation history. We are proud to welcome the soldiers, aviators, and aircraft of that operation to Oshkosh for a remembrance a quarter-century later.”

– Rick Larsen (EEA Vice President of Communities and Member Programs)

Seeing the twists and turns from the F-16 demonstrate that it is still a viable jet despite its age. The F-16 has seen a lot of action over its lifetime and it still has a long way to go and now we see it soar in honor of Desert Storm.

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