F-22 or F-15: Which one would you choose?

F-22 or F-15: Which one would you choose? | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / @Pilotwife3

Which One Would You Pick?

In this footage, we hear a woman’s voice ask a man’s voice- F-15 or F-22? And he retorts, What kind of question is that?”

He then replies, “We can do a whole lot more than the F-22.”

The woman then replies, “Yeah. I hear the 22 guys had a lot more room for activities.”

Which the man quickly replies, “It’s a lie.”

Got to say, we gotta love the banter, of these two! If you had the skills which plane would you choose to fly? Is there no better dogfighter than the F-15, or would you opt for the stealth and the superior range of the F-22? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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