Firefighting Plane Crashes With 2 On Board

Firefighting Plane Crashes With 2 On Board | World War Wings Videos

Youtube / euronews

Water Bomber Accident

A horrific crash was captured on film when a firefighting plane from the Greek Air Force, crashed while fighting a blaze on the Greek Island of Evia. The event was captured on ERT state television where there were over 100 other fire fighters and 3 more aircraft in the vicinity.

It is not yet known if the pilots survived, but based on looking at the footage, it seems hard that anyone would survive such a crash.

A water bomber aircraft, also known as a firefighting aircraft, is a specialized aircraft designed to combat wildfires. Equipped with large tanks, it can rapidly scoop up water from lakes or reservoirs and then drop it onto wildfires to extinguish the flames. The water bomber’s swift response and ability to cover vast areas aid in containing and suppressing wildfires, protecting communities and natural habitats from the devastating effects of these destructive fires.

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