Folks At A Local Park Get The BEST Treat Ever–Surprisingly Quiet Too

Folks At A Local Park Get The BEST Treat Ever–Surprisingly Quiet Too | World War Wings Videos

How Awesome Is That Experience?

It’s always great to see some of our favorite planes and choppers at airshows. Seeing them in our home town when they actually come to you is a whole other thing. Try to picture the most popular park in your hometown. Now, imagine an Apache dropping at the center of it. How great is that?

Boeing’s Apaches have been in production since 1986 and are constantly updated with modern technology.

This is exactly what happened at University Park in Texas back in 2011. In preparation for the Park Cities 4th of July parade, an AH-64 Apache was flown in for people to marvel at. What’s more, the pilots, Captain Dan Sears and Captain Thomas Fitch, stepped out and talked with people. We honestly can’t think of anything better than that. Well, maybe if they were give out free rides. That’d be better.

What we find fascinating is seeing such a well recognized and famous helicopter in such a familiar, yet totally out of place setting. Flying in over trees at the park and over a pond, these pilots sat their bird down right in the middle of the street which is typically occupied by people driving on their way to work.
We just love it, that’s all.

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