Google Maps May Have Revealed The SR-72 – Take A Closer Look

Google Maps May Have Revealed The SR-72 – Take A Closer Look | World War Wings Videos

Google Maps

Hiding In Plain Sight.

The SR-71 Blackbird was among the most advanced aircraft of its time and remains a masterpiece among aviation to this day. There have been rumors about a successor to the world’s fastest manned aircraft but the Legendary Skunkworks is being pretty tight-lipped about the situation. The development teams are not talking about their secret project but it appears that Google Maps may have revealed the SR-72.

People use Google Maps to get around town and they check out the satellite function to get a lay of the land before making a trip. But in some cases, the satellite image from the popular mapping site reveals a little more than anticipated. A picture of a suspected covert aircraft has emerged simply sitting in a parking lot next to a runway.

Google Maps

There is still debate among the aviation community whether or not this is actually the SR-72 because it seems a little sloppy for the developers to simply leave it out in the open. The US Air Force, Lockheed-Martin nor Skunkworks have commented on this suspected stealth aircraft, though it does bear a striking resemblance to concept art of the SR-72. Are you convinced or is this simply just another conspiracy theory being thrown out there?

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