GPS Precision Artillery Shells Destroy Targets In Slow Motion

GPS Precision Artillery Shells Destroy Targets In Slow Motion | World War Wings Videos

War Clashes / YouTube

Nail On The Head.

This video we just found on YouTube is quite fascinating. We’re pretty well versed in artillery fire and knew what these weapons systems were capable of, but this one is new to us. Also, we got to see these bad boys tear through vehicles, bunkers and other targets in slow motion, so you’re really in for a treat.

Raytheon makes most of the missiles we all know including the Sparrow, Sidewinder, Tomahawk, Javelin and countless others.

As for these shells, they’re called Excalibur. Unlike other munitions that have “near precision” guidance systems, this GPS guided projectile can hit a target 50 kilometers (31 miles) away within less than 2 meters (6.5 feet). All that and it can do it in any weather conditions too.

Raytheon, the defense company that developed this projectile, have been testing it since 2013. Thus far, over 900 of these rounds were fired in combat and they’re performing just as advertised.

Now, however, they’re working on something even better. The Excalibur S will have a “digital semi-active laser seeker,” which will allow it to hit moving targets and also seek them out even if there are no solid coordinates.

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