This Guy Lives In An 727 And You Can Swing By And Visit

This Guy Lives In An 727 And You Can Swing By And Visit | World War Wings Videos

Great Big Story / YouTube

Guy Loves Planes, That’s For Sure.

Most of us have a dream house in mind and they’re probably entirely different. Some of us want mansions, others, quiet cottages in the middle of the woods. Some want a skyscraper penthouse while others an airplane. Wait, what?

Meet Bruce Campbell, a resident of Oregon who built himself the house of his dreams. It was framed by Boeing as you’ll see in the video. In it, Bruce will give you a whole tour of his home and his reasoning behind it, but here are some facts that are not covered in this short, 2-minute video.

Bruce is a former electrical engineer which explains how he rigged some of the plane’s old systems to be functional for what he needs. He’s a got a shower (which he’s still working on) a laundry machine and regular power outlets. Back in the day, he bought 10 acres of land in Oregon for $23,000. Then, he spent 10X that buying the used 727 and has worked on it for the next two decades.

Right now, he spends half of his time in his Oregon home and the other 6 months in Japan where he’s trying to buy a decommissioned Boeing 747 and do the same thing.

One thing’s for sure. This guy loves his planes.

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