Hidden Nazi ‘Treasure Hunter’ Base Discovered In The Arctic

Hidden Nazi ‘Treasure Hunter’ Base Discovered In The Arctic | World War Wings Videos


Out In The Cold.

The history of World War II will always be an interesting subject. But the only thing that may be more alluring is the unknown history of World War II. Adventurers travel the world in search of unknown and every once in a while they stumble upon something big. The latest discovery is very big, a hidden Nazi Outpost in the arctic circle.


Though it may sound like something right out of science fiction, but this base is science fact. The secret base was discovered by Russian researchers exploring the arctic island of Alexandra Land. Despite being abandoned for over 70 years, the artifacts are very well preserved due to the intense cold. This station was whispered about in rumors for decades as the elusive “Treasure Hunter” base possibly searching for rare artifacts. Findings at Treasure Hunter also show that this was an outpost for monitoring weather patterns and movement of Soviet troops.


Although they faced harsh conditions, the information recovered was vital to the Germans in their battle against Russia. However, researchers found that the majority of the staff on base had died there. So what caused the mysterious deaths of the Treasure Hunter’s research crew?

“The staff manning the site was said to have been poisoned after being forced to eat raw polar bear meat that was contaminated with roundworms when supplies at the facility ran low. The poisoned crew were rescued by a German U-boat. The story, however, was often dismissed as a wartime myth.”

Researchers have only scratched the surface of the newly discovered Arctic outpost. So far they have found roughly 500 artifacts including weapons, decaying bunkers and paper documents. Video from the Russian Arctic National Park shows researchers exploring the base in this clip.

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