Hind MI-24 Helicopter Walkaround Tour

Hind MI-24 Helicopter Walkaround Tour | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Erik Johnston

Such an Iconic Machine!

In this video, Bruce Stringfellow gives us a walkthrough of his HIND MI-24 Soviet Helicopter. This is definitely one of the most detailed videos of the Hind on the internet and gives us a good picture of what Russian military technology is like. He also gives viewers plenty of detailed information!

Definitely an excellent piece of aviation and the level of engineering is pretty insane. For it to be shown around with such detail is absolutely awesome. This one’s a formidable aircraft, for sure since not only could it rain all kinds of munitions, it can carry battle troops as well.

Do you think this is one of the most beautiful helicopters to ever exist? Let us know in the comments!

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