Landing A B-29 By The Numbers

Landing A B-29 By The Numbers | World War Wings Videos

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The Boeing B-29 Superfortress has earned its place in history as WWII’s most powerful bomber. Many call the B-29 the plane that won the war for its role in conducting the atomic bomb strikes on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Sadly the years have not been so kind to the B-29s and only two of them remain in flying condition, one of them is the legendary Fifi.

The B-29 Fifi is known all over the world by warbird aficionados and for a very good reason. This bomber is part of the Commemorative Air Force and tours the United States giving some very lucky fans the opportunity to be part of history.

Fifi has had some ups and downs over the years, from being grounded from wear and tear to undergo years of restoration. But she defies the odds and finds a way to soar among the clouds to keep the legacy of the B-29 Superfortress alive.

It takes quite a bit of skill to land a B-29 and as you can see these pilots are top notch when it comes to bringing it in.

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