The World’s Last Airworthy Bristol Blenheim L6739

The World’s Last Airworthy Bristol Blenheim L6739 | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Ted Coningsby

What a Beautiful Sight

This warbird is the Bristol Blenheim Mk.IF L6739 (G-BPIV), is the only flying plane of its kind out of the 4,400 made. The Blenheim served every theatre during WWII, doing different roles.

In this video, get to see this beautiful display at the Old Buckenham Airshow 2023. We’re lucky to still have this one take the skies after all these years. As much as we love modern jets, seeing something like this is truly special as we always love the sights and sounds of these old warbirds. She definitely moved beautifully like a fighter and is extremely agile. Not to mention, the sound was awesome it gave us chills, and it gave off a beautiful sound of whispering radials.

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