LEGO Top Gun Maverick Trailer Is Outstanding

LEGO Top Gun Maverick Trailer Is Outstanding | World War Wings Videos

Youtube / OnBeatMan

Dedication, Fanaticism, and Legos

This has got to be the best trailer adaptation of a movie ever. According to the director, Augustus Danko, this took months of painstakingly recreating scenes from the trailer using LEGOs. This kind of dedication to the craft is a pleasing sight to see. Then combine that with his love of LEGOs, the Top Gun franchise, and cinematography. Well, you can clearly see it in this masterpiece.

One often wonders what the budget of these LEGO adaptations looks like. He managed to do this using a Canon T6i, a 2017 MacBook Pro, and a 2011 MacBook Pro only. Still, his vision of what the trailer needed to be was not affected.

Watch the trailer below on the “OnBeatMan” YouTube channel to be blown away with what LEGOs and stellar cinematography can get you. For Danko’s, it’s a 2-million view YouTube video with amazing reviews.

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