Live Fire Test: A-10 Warthog vs F-35 Lightning II

Live Fire Test: A-10 Warthog vs F-35 Lightning II | World War Wings Videos


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We all know both are badass and extremely deadly planes but have you ever thought which is superior in terms of a fire test? A-10’s 30mm GAU 8 Avenger OR F-35’s 25mm GAU 22 Equalizer? But hey, we never want to be on the business end of either one of them. Just the sound alone sends chills up my spine. It’s pretty much the alarm clock for the enemies.

For the Warthog, if you’ve seen photos about it being built around a gun, they’re actually accurate. It was designed around its primary armament — the GAU-8 Avenger which performs the anti-tank role and features a high rate of fire in addition to the delivery of powerful rounds.

The GAU-22/A’s major difference is the use of four barrels, rather than the five barrels on the GAU-12/U. The GAU-22/A is lighter, has a reduced rate of fire of 3,300 rounds per minute and an improved accuracy of 1.4 milliradians as compared to the GAU-12.

So what do you think? Which one will emerge as THE best?

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