One Of A Kind Bomber Was Taken Out Of A Lake And Is Being Restored

One Of A Kind Bomber Was Taken Out Of A Lake And Is Being Restored | World War Wings Videos

TheFjordflier / YouTube

Once Restored, It’ll Be The Only Example In The World.

Anytime we hear of a new restoration project of a World War II warbird we get really excited. Even if it’s been under way for some time but we just found out about it. This is the case here.

Back in 2012, a group of volunteers who put their money together with some local business owners fished out a Heinkel He 115 from Hafrsfjord, Norway. The plane went down on December 28th, 1942, when the plane lost one of its floats. The crew of three managed to escape the plane unharmed before it turned over and sank. It remained there for the next 70 years.

Right now, the restoration is already in “Phase 2.” All the parts of the plane were put into a massive fresh water tank in order to remove as much of the salt off all the parts as possible in phase one. It remained there for 2 years and now the parts are being meticulously cleaned by more volunteers and aviation enthusiasts who work at the local Flyhistorisk Museum, Sola, Noway.

Arvi A. Karisto /

As for the plane itself, the He 115 was used by the Luftwaffe as a seaplane which was used first as a torpedo bomber but was also used for recon and minelaying. It only fit a crew of three and required two engines to do what it had to.

Once complete, this He115 will be the only one in the world that’s in any condition but crashed, buried or sunk. Only 138 of them were ever built and until now, there was not a single one of these in the world that were in display condition even. Can’t wait to see her finished up and possibly flying.

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