P-51 and F4U Corsair Flyby

P-51 and F4U Corsair Flyby | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / DtRockstar1

Two Is Better Than One

Watching an F4U Corsair and a P-51 Mustang fly together is something you’d never want to miss.

These two planes performed fly-bys together during the “Class of ‘45” display at the Battle Creek Field of Flight Airshow in 2018.

The “Class of ‘45” has two performers, namely Jim Tobul with his Corsair, and Scott Yoak and his P-51D Mustang. As you can imagine, the pilots put on quite a show with their solo aerobatics and impressive handling of these WWII-era aircraft.

A Super Hornet Demo Team from VFA-106 was also a part of the show – and also flew with the Corsair together.

That’s not all, either. This A-10 Warthog was also seen flying in formation led by Tom Friedkin in a  P-51 Mustang “Bum Steer”. It looks like they figured out the perfect combination!

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