Pilot Hand-Starts Plane And Nearly Gets Hit

Pilot Hand-Starts Plane And Nearly Gets Hit | World War Wings Videos

Instagram / omudoaviacao

Educate Yourself First.

We just stumbled across a goldmine of videos for you folks to enjoy for the next year. After looking for tons of interesting and entertaining videos on YouTube we were afraid that we might be at the tail end of finding new stuff. Well, we were wrong.

It’s hard to believe we didn’t think of this before but Instagram is a massive aggregator of not only pictures but videos as well. Those don’t always crisscross with YouTube. What this means for us and for you is that we started following tons of really neat aviation related Instagram accounts and we’re going to have tons of new videos.

Here, you’ll see a guy trying to spin a propeller and nearly getting his arm ripped off. We know we shouldn’t say this, but we will anyway. Don’t try this at home. 



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