Pilot POV of A P-51 Mustang’s Low Pass

Pilot POV of A P-51 Mustang’s Low Pass | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Turn & Burn

The Modern Mustang

This amazing P-51D Mustang fly-by will surely get your heart pumping!

After clearing his pre-flight checklist, this P-51D pilot took off and quickly made his way to an empty runway to do a fly-by.

YouTube / Turn & Burn

This fly-by is better than most we’ve seen since it’s recorded from the pilot’s perspective using a GoPro.

YouTube / Turn & Burn

You can clearly hear the sound of the P-51’s engine during the whole flight! Finally, no more of that nonsense music we’ve been hearing in these kinds of videos.

Interestingly, this Mustang’s cockpit is fitted with modern equipment – you wouldn’t even recognize the cockpit due to how different it looks!

YouTube / Turn & Burn

Nonetheless, this was one of the best Mustang POVs we’ve ever seen. Check it out below!

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