Plane Drops Retardant Right On Cameraman’s Head

Plane Drops Retardant Right On Cameraman’s Head | World War Wings Videos

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Red Head.

Southern California is literally on fire right now with 4,100 acres of land completely engulfed in flames as of this writing. So far, the fires ravaged over 130,000 acres of land burning up a few hundred buildings along the way. To make matters worse, strong winds keep feeding the fire and hot embers floating around all over the place are spreading the fires in a southerly direction.

To contain the fires as best they can and to protect residents that seem to be in the path of the fire, firefighters have started to drop fire Retardant on vegetation and homes. As you’ll see in the video below, sometimes the houses get hit directly.

Now, we’ve read many comments that it’s going to be impossible to clean that house. That the pull will get contaminated. That it will take forever to clean all that up.

It seems that people are forgetting the purpose of this is to make the house resistant to fire. So, to spell it out, is it better to clean a really dirty house or not have a house to clean.

Just our two cents.

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