Saab 37 Viggen Shows Its STOL Capabilities

Saab 37 Viggen Shows Its STOL Capabilities | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Sonic Art Media

Amazing STOL Performance

This Swedish multirole combat fighter was introduced in the ‘70s with some of the best features. One of those was its capability to do short takeoffs and landings if needed.

YouTube / Sonic Art Media

Utilizing partially destroyed runways was a factor that motivated engineers to design the Saab 37 Viggen around its STOL capabilities. 

The thrust reversers on the Viggen enabled short landing operations from 500-meter airstrips with minimal support. You can see the Viggen do that in the video below!

YouTube / Sonic Art Media

Even VTOL was considered as a possibility at one point, but the designs were seen as lackluster and unacceptable at the time.

For a fighter that’s been here since the Cold War, it’s impressive to see that it’s still performing like this in air shows. 

YouTube / Sonic Art Media

You rarely see these fighters demonstrate their STOL capabilities like this!

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