Skeleton-Filled Ghost Ship Discovered Off Coast Of Japan

Skeleton-Filled Ghost Ship Discovered Off Coast Of Japan | World War Wings Videos



The world can be a scary place but things like this can only make it even more frightening. A derelict boat was found off the coast of Japan filled with skeletal remains of eight people. Experts are still examining the 22-foot wooden boat that contained the skeletal remains of eight seafarers that met an untimely demise.


The bodies are in such an advanced state of decay that the victim’s genders could not be identified. Although it is still very early in the investigation it is believed the dead were refugees from North Korea who lost their way in the sea. Some indicators of this include Korean letters written on the belongings found onboard the ship.


Authorities wheeled out the skeletons on stretchers before a mortified crowd of onlookers on Miyazawa Beach. If their initial hunch is correct it would stay consistent with many recent North Korean defectors risking their lives to escape.

“An estimated 1,000 people flee Kim Jong Un’s volatile regime each year, and a total of about 30,000 North Koreans have made the treacherous escape since the end of the Korean War.”

This situation is morbid but it is a reality of how desperate the situation is becoming in North Korea.

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