“SR-71 Blackbird Departs Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas”

“SR-71 Blackbird Departs Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas” | World War Wings Videos

TikTok @iceman_fox1

We Can Dream, Can’t We?

Ok, so our hearts almost stopped when we saw this clip. An SR-71 flying out of Las Vegas recently? Is there something we don’t know? Well, after looking closely and realizing the last time was 1999, it was clear this was a video game clip. But geez, the graphics are getting insanely convincing to the point where, it might as well be real! Fantasies might be coming to reality soon where you can’t tell!

But the sound effects and visuals are spot on to the point where we’d just like to believe this was real. Not exactly sure, but we’re assuming this might be the game called DCS which is a popular flight simulator game that has a really good graphics engine and have fooled us in the past with other clips!

The video is from the TikTok account: https://www.tiktok.com/@iceman_fox1 and it’s actually a really cool account with a lot of interesting videos! Check it out!


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