Su-33 Tries To Do A Cobra Landing On Carrier

Su-33 Tries To Do A Cobra Landing On Carrier | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / DrMitsos

Complicated Carrier Landings

This Su-33 fighter pilot tried to perform a Cobra Landing on the deck of the Admiral Kuznetsov Aircraft Carrier. As if carrier landings weren’t dangerous enough!

YouTube / DrMitsos

Though it may sound like a fun idea, the result of this landing isn’t what you were expecting.

The pilot knew the landing wouldn’t stick, so he decided to just throttle up and get out of the carrier deck as soon as possible.

YouTube / DrMitsos

Fortunately, after a few seconds of struggle, the Su-33 successfully aborted the landing and flew off.

YouTube / DrMitsos

If you want to see a Cobra Landing in DCS, you can check out this video below.

Props to the Su-33 pilot for trying it, though. That’s as dangerous as it gets!

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