The Corsair’s Dive Breaks

The Corsair’s Dive Breaks | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Air Zoo

Complete Domination

Corsairs are such iconic aircraft – especially when we’re talking about WWII-era planes that dominated the Pacific Theater.

This FG-1 Corsair was used primarily during WWII and the Korean War. As a dive bomber, the Corsair could approach targets in a steep dive – much like the SBD Dauntless or A1 Skyraider would.

And just like the two aforementioned aircraft, the Corsair also used its own dive brakes to slow down and stabilize itself during steep dives.

During a dive, Corsair pilots would push the landing gear handle to the right and up position, lowering the main gear doors which would then be used as the dive brakes. While this all happened, the Corsair’s tail wheel would remain retracted. 

Corsairs were able to outperform the Zero as it was faster and could outclimb and outdive the A6M without any problems, even though the Zero could outturn the Corsair at low speed.

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