This Is Why MI Wants To Ban Blue Angels–Can You See What’s Wrong Here?

This Is Why MI Wants To Ban Blue Angels–Can You See What’s Wrong Here? | World War Wings Videos


Well, Whatever Floats Your Boat.

This article is a supplement to a somewhat controversial post we wrote a few days ago. You can read the whole thing here if you’d like, but we’ll also include a short summery here highlighting the key points.

Last week we found out that a group of veterans in Michigan are trying to ban the Blue Angels from flying in their city. Yes, you read that right. Saying the planes are “instruments of death,” the group elaborated that they also emit lots of CO2 and make a lot of noise which triggers PTSD in other veterans. They also stated that the noise level scares dogs, kids and the elderly.

Now, this short piece is actual proof they’re wrong and putting words in peoples’ mouths. We found a video from Michigan that shows petrified onlookers booing the Blue Angels as they fly by their neighborhood. Wait, no! As you could predict, it was the total opposite.

The video we acquired shows a quiet suburban neighborhood in Michigan. When the Blues are heard in the distance, people who were home went outside to MARVEL at them. You can hear people saying, “ohhhh yeah!,” and “they’re coming back around!” We figure that most of us here would do the same and feel pride, not annoyance.

It seems like nowadays people will find almost anything to be offended by.

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