United Airlines Says Goodbye To The Iconic Airliner That Defined The Skies

United Airlines Says Goodbye To The Iconic Airliner That Defined The Skies | World War Wings Videos



After a long reign, the airliner better known as the Queen of the Skies is set for retirement. The Boeing 747 is the plane that redefined air travel by offering a more luxurious travel experience that would accommodate many passengers. United Airlines is the last major operator of this legendary airliner and they have one final voyage planned.

We all knew the fate of the Boeing 747, it was ahead of its time 50 years ago but now it is a relic of the past. A Boeing 747 required four engines to operate while modern planes are able to fly with only two. It may have redefined air travel, but now it barely makes a dent to define air travel and the aviation industry has moved ahead to other models.

“As deeply connected as we all are to this iconic aircraft, the time has come to retire our 747 fleet from scheduled service. Today, there are more fuel-efficient, cost-effective and reliable widebody aircraft that provide an updated in-flight experience for our customers traveling on long-haul flights.”

– Scott Kirby United Airlines President

The final United Airlines Boeing 747’s flight will take place on November 17th, 2017 and will harken back to its early days traveling from San Francisco, California to Honolulu, Hawaii. Tickets for the final flight sold out within a period of two hours showing just how dedicated the following is for the Boeing 747.

This video from United Airlines gives a look back at the plane that redefined air travel with testimonials from pilots and crew.

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