What You Should Know About The Apache’s FIREPOWER

What You Should Know About The Apache’s FIREPOWER | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Sam Eckholm

The Apache is the US Army’s premier attack helicopter. It fits in easily in attack, reconnaissance, and security missions, can also engage any enemy target on the battlefield, and is widely considered the best attack helicopter in history. Why is that?

Weapon Systems

Under the nose is one of the Apache’s most iconic features- the M230, 30mm chain gun. It can fire up to 625 rounds per minute at targets over 3,000 meters. 

A targeting system known as the TADS is what’s built into this ball-like structure sitting on the aircraft’s nose. It contains the FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared camera) that relays information to the pilot and the gunner. With this system, a target can be identified, tracked, and engaged using the full load of the Apache’s weapons. 

Awesome Firepower

It also has a 2.75-inch Hydra 70 rocket system that can hold up to 76 rockets. The Apache’s primary weapon system is the AGM-114 Hellfires used for tank busting. 

Each missile has different seekers that can be used and can either be laser-guided or radar-guided depending on the mission. The lethality of these missiles is pretty incredible. 

YouTube / Sam Eckholm

Live Fire Demo

Youtuber Sam Eckholm took us into an exhilarating live fire demo of the Apache. As soon as they made it into the hovering position, the crew started to search and verify the target range. 

YouTube / Sam Eckholm

Targets are spread out in long-range and close-range distances and the crew confirms how they want to engage either the 30 mm chain gun or the hydra rockets.

Low Levels

Finally, with little fuel to spare, the Apache went on to some low-level flying. Approaching low-level terrain, the helicopter descended, flying just a few feet from the tree line.

YouTube / Sam Eckholm

This stunt was pretty crazy to witness as it showed off its incredible maneuverability. 

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