Woman Who Inspired Rosie The Riveter Has Died At Age 96 – Her Final Message

Woman Who Inspired Rosie The Riveter Has Died At Age 96 – Her Final Message | World War Wings Videos

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We Can.

Naomi Parker Fraley is not a household name even though her face is recognized as a national icon. She was the woman who influenced Rosie the Riveter and inspired an entire nation of women to support the war effort. We regret to inform you that Naomi Parker Fraley has passed away at age 96, but she leaves behind an important legacy.


In a time when men were taken overseas to fight in World War II, their labor roles needed to be fulfilled by women. Naomi Parker Fraley came from humble beginnings but that all changed when America was dragged into World War II. She joined the labor force working at Alameda Naval Air Station helping to support the war effort overseas. Things all changed on July 5th, 1942 when a picture of her appeared in a local newspaper and soon inspired artist J. Howard Miller to create the now famous poster.

For years the identity of the woman in the poster was incorrectly attributed to Geraldine Hoff-Doyle, and Fraley stepped forward in 2009 in an effort to be recognized as the influence. After unearthing the July 5th, 1942 picture she was correctly identified as the original Rosie after decades of obscurity.

“The women of this country these days need some icons. If they think I’m one, I’m happy.”

– Naomi Parker Fraley

Naomi Parker Fraley, you were an icon during your life but your passing only solidifies your immortality. You inspired women all over the country to work hard and moved beyond that to become a symbol empowering women all over the world. Naomi Parker Fraley was all women, showing that they were not simply going to stand by and do nothing while there is injustice in the world.

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