WWI Battle Using Mini Tanks With Paintball Guns

WWI Battle Using Mini Tanks With Paintball Guns | World War Wings Videos

World W1de / YouTube

Small Scale Warfare.

Although we’re definitely a more aviation focused site, we can all sometimes sit back and appreciate things that are war-related and fun in nature. Case in point; the video below.

We’re not sure if any of you have messed around with paintball before but we have and we’ve got to admit it’s incredibly fun. You get a group of your friends together, you hit up the woods and give each other the biggest welts you possibly can. Sure, it’s a childlike game but hey, you’re as old as you feel.

Some people, however, take it to the next level.

The guys in this video built themselves what look like homemade little tanks. From the sound of it, they might be modified lawnmowers but they’re cool nonetheless. Strap a high rate of fire gun on the helm of those things and you’ve got yourself a good ol’ fashioned mini-war.

Not a bad way to spend the weekend if you ask us.

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