First Independently Developed Supersonic Jet Takes Flight

First Independently Developed Supersonic Jet Takes Flight | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Boom Supersonic

Promising Tech?

The world’s first independently developed supersonic jet, the XB-1, finally flew for the first time at Mojave Air & Space Port in California last March 22.

YouTube / Boom Supersonic

The XB-1 was flown by Chief Test Pilot Bill “Doc” Shoemaker, while Test Pilot Tristan “Geppetto” Brandenburg flew the T-36 chase plane that monitored the jet in-flight.

YouTube / Boom Supersonic

During the flight, the XB-1 managed to reach an altitude of 7,120 feet and a speed of 273 mph.

The flight served to test the plane’s handling qualities and stability while in descent. They are now gradually gearing up the XB-1 to reach beyond the Mach 1 speed of 767 mph.

YouTube / Boom Supersonic

Furthermore, the XB-1 is expected to provide the foundation for “Overture”, the company’s planned supersonic airliner.

Overture will be manufactured at a Greensboro, N.C., plant that Boom expects to finish construction on this year.

YouTube / Boom Supersonic

The plane is being designed to carry 64 to 80 passengers at up to 1,300 mph, about twice the speed of today’s subsonic commercial jets. 

How cool is that!?

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