You Can Win This Bomb And Help B-17 Vets Reunite By Entering This Raffle

You Can Win This Bomb And Help B-17 Vets Reunite By Entering This Raffle | World War Wings Videos

B-17 Archaeology / YouTube

B-17 Archaeology, an organization “dedicated to the B-17 from the beginning to current and the brave Airmen who flew, maintained and built the “Flying Fortress,” just began a raffle to raise money for their cause. According to their latest post (seen below), they’ve had great success so far but could use a little more help. That’s where you come in.

Enter the raffle by CLICKING HERE. 

By clicking the link above, just a $20 dollar donation will enter you into a raffle to win the bomb which was also signed by over 100 B-17 crewmembers who served in World War II. Imagine having THAT be a centerpiece somewhere in your home.

In addition, this money will be used to help maintain their pride and joy, B-17 Starduster as well as helping to organize meetups for surviving B-17 crewmembers. All this for just 20 bucks.

If you can’t donate, that’s obviously ok. We’ve all been there. You can also help them out by simply “liking” their Facebook page and helping to spread the word not only about the raffle but also about their organization. We, World War II aviation fans, are a small community but we can help preserve the history of these wonderful machines and the people who fought for our freedom by banding together.

Keep on doing good work B-17 Archaeology. For more detailed info, watch their video below.

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