How These Warbirds Shaped The World Of Star Wars


Vought F4U Corsair/TIE Fighters



Howling through space and swarming their enemies like ants is the fearsome Galactic Empire’s TIE Fighter. When you see a Vought F4U Corsair in action you won’t notice any immediate similaries to the Empire’s main starfighter, that is until you see it land. The Corsair was used mainly on American aircraft carriers during WWII and to conserve room their wings folded up. Those folded wings no doubt gave rise to the Galactic Empire’s TIE Fighter.

F4U Corsair mainly engaged in battles over the Pacific against the Japanese. Although the design of the TIE Fighter is based off folded wings of the Corsair, its properties are more closely related to fast and agile Japanese planes it entered combate against.


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