Man Gets A Crash Course On How To Throw A Hand Grenade

Man Gets A Crash Course On How To Throw A Hand Grenade | World War Wings Videos

Photo Credit: YouTube Channel Miss Rack


BRB, Travelling To Cambodia…

Okay, it’s looks so casual it made me slightly nervous. And for the record, I would have reacted the same way as him. And yes, I jumped a little when it exploded. Seriously though, that little blast is still nerve-wracking. At first, I thought the ‘pop’ was all there is to it then suddenly, BOOM! I don’t know how much he paid for it but I still think it’s quite an experience.


According to Army Study Guide, there are six types of hand grenade: fragmentation, illuminating, chemical, offensive, practice & training, and nonlethal. They also added:

“Historically, the most important hand grenade has been the fragmentation grenade, which is the soldier’s personal indirect weapon system. Offensive grenades are much less lethal than fragmentation grenades on an enemy in the open, but they are very effective against an enemy within a confined space.”

Basically, the soldier has around four to five seconds to safely deploy the hand grenade. Would you try this one? Because I would.

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