New Air Force One Jets Are Missing An Essential Feature – You Gotta Be Kidding

New Air Force One Jets Are Missing An Essential Feature – You Gotta Be Kidding | World War Wings Videos

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Air Forced.

The planes used by the President are designated as Air Force One and essentially operate as a flying White House. The current model Air Force One planes are roughly 30 years old and it is time for them to be replaced. As new models are set to be delivered it was revealed that these planes will be lacking an essential feature, aerial refueling.

In a bid to cut billions off the price tag of new Air Force One planes the President has opted to purchase a pair of 747-8s, which were built for a now defunct Russian Airline company and have sat in storage since their construction. These planes will undergo a major outfitting to ensure that they are up to the standard of a Presidential plane providing protection and functional features. However, these new planes will lack the capability for mid-air refueling which will make lengthy travel less efficient.

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Inability to refuel mid-flight does come with a fair share of risks if landing in a certain area is too dangerous or cutting down on traveling time for a grounded refueling. Currently, the goal of new Air Force One planes is keeping costs low and outfitting these jets with aerial refueling would certainly increase that price. Where do you stand on the issue?

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