1/2 Scale F4U Corsair- Adjusting The Prop

1/2 Scale F4U Corsair- Adjusting The Prop | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Dynodon64

“Again, Not An RC Model”

Dynodon64’s massive Corsair is up for another modification. For those who aren’t aware, Dynodon is making his own 1/2 scale Corsair almost from scratch years ago. 

In one of his latest videos, Dynodon found out that his propeller needed adjusting. The reading from the tachometer shows 3,800 RPM, no matter where the propeller pitched. 

His research and past experience have given him a few leads as to what might be the reason why. According to him, it might be due to a “noisy line” from the power wire feeding the tachometer. On the other hand, there might also be noise getting picked up on the signal line from the computer. 

No matter what the issue is, there’s no doubt he’s more than capable of resolving it.

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