22 F-14 Tomcats Doing A Flyby

22 F-14 Tomcats Doing A Flyby | World War Wings Videos

Reddit / u/MattRubin

A Rare Sight

You’ve all probably seen countless flybys by now. But have you ever seen 22 F-14 Tomcats do a flyby in formation?

Neither was the crowd below as they cheered on when the Tomcats got closer and closer. What made flyby even more impressive was that they were in perfect formation – what a sight that must have been in person!

Of course, someone on Reddit tried to do the math to calculate its operating cost.

Google estimates an operating hour for an F-14 at $35-40k. So going with $35k, assume the whole thing took 2 hours between takeoffs, assembling, and landings?

$35k x 22 planes x 2 hours = $1,540,000.

And that’s not accounting for salaries, additional maintenance, and many more things. Though, to be fair, if you had $2 million to spare, why not?

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