The Car Doors And Wind-Down Windows Of the P-39

The Car Doors And Wind-Down Windows Of the P-39 | World War Wings Videos

YouTube/ AirZoo

Inside the Airacobra

The P-39 Airacobra was a US fighter built by Bell Aircraft during World War II. When the United States joined the war, it became one of the main American fighters used in service. 

Flickr / tormentor4555

For their open cockpit event, the AirZoo opened up the P-39 Airacobra. Inside the cockpit, you could easily see how everything is nice and snug, without the fear of being claustrophobic.

Flickr / SDASM Archives

The aircraft also has excellent visibility even though it doesn’t have a canopy! It had car doors, and wind-down windows instead, which is pretty cool!

Flickr / SDASM Archives

Another notable feature when opening the cockpit is a driveshaft that runs between the pilot’s legs since the engine is located behind the pilot.

Back in the day, this made a lot of pilots quite nervous. A lot of them thought that in the event of a crash, the engine would continue onwards, and in turn, crushing them. What do you think of this warbird? 


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