5 Facts About The Most Modern Plane of WW2

5 Facts About The Most Modern Plane of WW2 | World War Wings Videos

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In 1944, the US Navy unleashed a new kind of warfare in the waters of the Pacific which would ultimately become its secret weapon- the Interstate TDR. 

Here are five facts that you need to know about the most modern plane of WWII:

1. It opened a new chapter in the history of aerial unmanned systems

In 1942, the US started to develop cost-effective, user-friendly drones to safeguard its invaluable human crews. 

2. The first operational test of a drone against a naval target was conducted in 1942

The trials of the Naval Aircraft Factory TDN assault drone paved the way for Interstate aircraft to secure a Navy contract. They were tasked to produce two prototypes with a staggering 100 production aircraft under a simplified and improved design- the TDR-1, an attack drone that was ahead of its time. 

3. They were sometimes called kamikaze drones

Also known as kamikaze drones or loitering munitions, armed UAVs are designed to purposely crash into their targets. They stand apart from other unmanned aerial vehicles because of their maneuverability and the ability to linger over a target area before delivering their payload. 

4. It had a remarkably straightforward design

What stood out about the TDR-1 was its remarkably straightforward design. It featured a steel-tube frame and its skeletal structure was ingeniously covered with molded wood skin. Its unusual choice of materials isn’t an accident. In fact, it’s a strategic decision to reduce the use of critical resources. The pressed used for this purpose was supplied by the Wurlitzer Musical Instrument Company- renowned for its pianos. 

5. It was designed primarily for ship-based combat

It featured three hardpoints that can carry up to 2,000 pounds of ordnance. What set it apart, however, was its dual nature. Like its predecessor, the TDN-1, the TDR-1 featured a cockpit and flight controls, offering an option for human piloting during test flights. 

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