Footage of B-17 Bomber Hit by Nike Missile

Footage of B-17 Bomber Hit by Nike Missile | World War Wings Videos

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The Nike was a rocket-powered supersonic weapon that can be fitted with atomic warheads. Its “electronic-brain” could steer itself straight into unseen targets miles above the earth!

It’s crazy that this technology was already present in the early 1950s – for the military, at least!

After filling up the missile with fuel, its crews set it up to be launched. Meanwhile, the staff inside the radio facility use the radar to track the radio-controlled B-17 bomber for the Nike missile.

Finally, after the HUGE computer plots all the data points necessary, it’s time for Operation INTERCEPT to finally start.

After the 25-second countdown, the missile hit the right wing of the B-17, completely destroying the bomber in just a few seconds. Right on time!

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