6 Fantastic F-16 Facts In Under A Minute–FANTASTIC Cinematography Too!

6 Fantastic F-16 Facts In Under A Minute–FANTASTIC Cinematography Too! | World War Wings Videos


Fun To Watch AND Educational.

It’s almost hard to believe, but the beloved F-16 Fighting Falcon has been dominating the skies for almost a half a century now. Yes, you read that right. Taking off for the first time in 1974 and officially introduced to the Air Force in 1978, this multirole fighter is still in production.

With over 4,500 of them produced over time, it is used by over 25 nations worldwide and has become the second most used operational aircraft in the world. All in all, this thing is simply a beast.

This video, although short, gives you all the basic facts about the F-16 every aviation fanatic should know. It’s quick, to the point and features some awesome HD shots of this fighter. Check it out. you won’t be disappointed.

The people who brought us this clip are none other than the Air Force itself. We got in touch with a team of very talented videographers, photographers, writers and designers who work for the Defense Media Activity for the Secretary of the Air Force.  They’re really passionate about what they do as will become apparent when you watch this video. All their work gets published in their Airman Magazine.

We also included a link right below here which will take you to their official Facebook page. If you could give them a “Like” that’d be great. They have some spectacular content when it comes to the Air Force as you can imagine and you’ll be up to speed on everything Air Force if you do.


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