6 Reasons WWII Planes Are Better Than Kim Kardashian (SERIOUSLY)

6 Reasons WWII Planes Are Better Than Kim Kardashian (SERIOUSLY) | World War Wings Videos

This Is Quite Obvious, Because Anything Is Better Than Kim Kardashian.

Let us first and foremost start with clearing our name. When we came up with the concept of this article, we really, really, really didn’t know much about this lady. We only knew what we heard here and there and just didn’t like her. It might be shallow or whatever you want to say about us, but it’s an opinion we’re allowed to voice in this great country of ours.

Having said that, the more we dug into her life the more our hearts sank as to where this country is going. Being aviation enthusiasts and respecting our history, this comparison was a chilling reminder of what the brave soldiers of World War II fought for and where we are now.

This is however, a double edged sword. We fought for freedom from tyranny and evil, and with that came the freedom of expression so that everyone can do as they please. What irks us is the fact that most people nowadays can’t give you a solid fact about a war that was supposed to be a lesson for the ages, yet they know what Kim Kardashian had for breakfast.

Anyway, without further ado, here are 6 REAL reasons World War II warbirds are better than her.

1. They Sound Way Better

Let’s face it, be it V-line Merlins or Pratt & Whitney radials, we all love the way these monsters sound. There’s nothing in the world like them, not to mention they were built tough and took our birds to the fight. They could get shot up and get their pilots home all the while performing at their best.

Then, there’s this.


2.They’re Way Better Looking By Design

Think about it. Corsair’s iconic gull wings, B-17’s sleek features and P-51 Mustang’s all-American design. Not only were our World War II planes beautiful, every part of them had a specific purpose. They are just as revered today as they were back then (if not more) and are timeless by design.

photo source: wikipedia.com

Now imagine a plane that was as back heavy as this. It just wouldn’t be aerodynamically feasible and dangerous for all involved. Plus, it would never get off the ground.

photo source: ofiveentertainment.blogspot.com

3.Their Crews Were Amazing Aviators

Then there were their crews. No matter what plane was flown, our boys were sent to unknown territory after a short brief. They were aviators, navigating featureless oceans to their targets and back. It was no easy task and with the war in full swing, not much time could be spent on training. These guys just fearlessly figured it out.

photo source: pinterest.com

She named her child “North” to get her started with remembering basic navigational bearings.

photo source: wikipedia.com
photo source: wikipedia.com

4. The Planes Were Committed To Their Crews And Vice Versa

One thing we all know about World War II planes is that they were built to last. Stories of B-17s being pummeled by FLAK and peppered by .50 cals are common, yet there are pictures of their crews standing next to them after landing. A lot of crews survived hell and went out on 100+ sorties, not fazed by the dangers ahead of them. Both the planes and their crews were resilient, which couldn’t be said about you know who.

photo source: worldwarphotos.info

Her first marriage lasted 72 days. Enough said.

photo source: E Online
photo source: E Online

5.They Earned Their Fame

How many stories of different planes, crews and missions do you know? A squadron of P-38s shot down General Yamamoto, the mastermind behind Pearl Harbor. B-25 Mitchell crews took on a suicide mission during the DooLittle Raid, reasserting American air superiority and bringing the fight to Japan’s mainland. There are hundreds of such stories and each one of them was EARNED.

photo source: nationalmuseum.af.mil
photo source: nationalmuseum.af.mil

Putting it mildly, she made a promiscuous video and blew up on the internet. Yup, that’s it. (We’re not going to show it to you of course. Ahem, there’s no historical value in it.)

photo source: youtube.com
photo source: youtube.com

6. The Airmen Were Not Blood-related, Yet Were Still A Tighter Family

We’ve all seen Memphis Belle, Band Of Brothers as well as a ton of other movies about World War II. Whatever movie you watch about that time period, one thing is clear. These men became brothers, putting their lives in each other’s hands. Although we can’t even imagine what that was like, we can appreciate the bond that was formed between them.

photo source: http://arizonaexperience.org
photo source: http://arizonaexperience.org

Then, there are the Kardashians. We’ve never seen a single episode of their show, but from what parts we did unavoidably see (it’s impossible to shield yourself from it completely), it certainly isn’t a family to model yours after.

If the unfortunate WWII crews of damaged planes were forced to ditch into waters as shallow as them, the fatality rate would certainly be 100%.

photo source: starcasm.com


P.S.-The picture above represents how we feel spending this much time on this topic. At least the plane pictures were cool, right?




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