86,000 WWII Era M-1 Garands Might Be Up For Grabs Really Soon

86,000 WWII Era M-1 Garands Might Be Up For Grabs Really Soon | World War Wings Videos

Alfred T. Palmer / wikimedia.commons

They’ll Probably Go Really Fast.

We’re a little late reporting this but it just now came on our radar.

In April of this year, the CMP (Civilian Marksmanship Program) released a statement that they’ll be hollering at the Philippines to return our rifles. They were loaned to them as part of a military assistance program and not purchased by the Philippines, so we have every right to ask for them back. The Army will be receiving them soon and then they’ll be given to the CMP for grading and restoration when necessary.

They already approved the return and are currently packing the rifles for shipment. The good part is that since they’re just giving them back, the CMP only has to pay for shipping costs. That means that they might be really cheap to purchase.

There’s no statement released on the condition of these rifles, however, but we’re sure that you guys wouldn’t mind owning one in any condition whether it’d be for shooting or just putting up on the wall.

To find out how to purchase these bad boys, got to this link to see the requirements.

We’ve also included a short video about 5 Interesting Things About The M-1 Rifle. Check it out.

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