After 17 Years Of Restoration This Legendary B-29 Flies Again – And There Is A Big Announcement

After 17 Years Of Restoration This Legendary B-29 Flies Again – And There Is A Big Announcement | World War Wings Videos

Doc's Friends


The B-29 Superfortress represents one of the most important parts of WWII, by being the final part of it delivering the killing blow to Imperial Japan. Sadly not many B-29s still remain in existence and even less of them are flying the skies. But the B-29 Doc has defied the odds to soar among the clouds and there are plans for a brighter future.

Following Doc’s military service it was sent to a boneyard in the desert to live out the rest of its days. 42 years passed and eventually, the decaying B-29 was discovered by Tony Mazzolini who took it upon himself to rescue Doc. Over the course of 17 years, Mazzolini and his crew would work endlessly to restore Doc to make him look presentable but to actually make him fly. Despite all of the objections, these dedicated souls did manage to get up in the air and now he has a cult following all over the world.

Doc stunned the crowds at AirVenture Oshkosh last summer when he was paired up with Fifi the only other flying B-29. Shortly after the flight caretakers his the group known as Doc’s Friends made the announcement that they are giving him a permanent home.

“Doc’s Friends is building the B-29 Doc Hangar and Education Center to educate generations to come about the B-29’s special place in our nation’s history.”

“The plaza area in front of the B-29 Doc Hangar and Education center is a 1,700 sq. ft. space reserved to honor our nation’s heroes and those who want to honor a loved one or just want to be a part of building a home for Doc.”

– Doc’s Friends

The crews maintaining Doc are really enthusiastic about sharing one of the last B-29’s on earth with the rest of the world. Get a little sneak peak of their plans in this clip from Doc’s Friends.

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