Inside A B-17 During Air Combat In WWII

Inside A B-17 During Air Combat In WWII | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Dultra12

Cool Yet Terrifying

Have you imagined what it would be like to fly a B-17 Flying Fortress during aerial combat in World War II? This video features the B-17 being attacked by flak ammunition and Luftwaffe aircraft. 

YouTube / Dultra12

After dropping their bombs on their target, the returning B-17s were still prey for German day fighters with only the gunners for protection. Despite the heavy damage it sustained in combat, the strength of the B-17s often brought them home. One of the plane’s best assets is its ability to take the flak and survive. 

YouTube / Dultra12

The scene from 3:03 to 3:16 was terrifying, Imagine what it would be like inside that falling B-17! While haunting and sad, this plane can no doubt take a beating. Huge props to the crew- they were indeed very brave men. 

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